\'To Me, My Fans Are Like God\', Says Vikram

“To me, my fans are like God” Vikram says. Vikram

Chennai 23rd August : Actor Vikram who is affectionately referred to as “Chiyaan” Vikram by his followers, on Tuesday stated that to his fans, they were like God.
Responding to a fan who wanted to know how he dealt with fans who annoyed his with requests for photos and autographs Vikram visited Saint Joseph College in Trichy to promote his film, ‘Cobra’ stated, “There is no question of being irritated by fans.There is absolutely no chance that this will occur.”

 'to Me, My Fans Are Like God', Says Vikram-TeluguStop.com

The actor added, “Even now, there was chaos out there and the principal of the school asked me if I was in any way worried.I assured him that I was not at any time.That’s what we all long for.I believe all the love shown by fans is a blessing from God.This isn’t something that happens to everyone.If it does happen occur, there’s no greater than that.

“It is not because I’m saying this just here.I believe that fans are akin to God.They’re God in the sense that they are God in.There is no connection between us and our supporters.They will not receive something from us.In some instances they’re not going to even meet us.Yet, they tattoo our names or faces and donate blood.They also perform other acts to help us.

“Sometimes I go to my fans at their homes.It’s a small home , but it will be filled with of my photographs.The love they show for us is amazing.

I am in love with this and can’t live without it.

“I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for their patience.The film of mine is set to release in theaters in just three years.The longing and waiting is worth it as “Cobra” will make everyone happy.”