Those Who Serve Public Have No Fear Of Elections: North MCD Mayor

New Delhi, Sep 26 : Ahead of the civic body polls in the national Capital, North Delhi Municipal Corporation (North MCD) Mayor has slammed opposition parties like the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party, saying those who have lust for power are scared and they resort to telling lies during elections.

 Those Who Serve Public Have No Fear Of Elections: North Mcd

Highlighting the preparations for the upcoming MCD polls and his achievements, North MCD Mayor, Raja Iqbal Singh said: “My party (BJP) follows the policy of “Seva hi Sanghathan.Those who serve the public have no fear of elections.”

The Mayors of all three civic bodies — North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation and the East Delhi Municipal Corporation — are working hard to retain power in the next elections.

“Those who serve the people are fearless.Those who crave for power are scared, so they resort to telling lies during elections.

I am absolutely clear that my party is not nervous about the upcoming MCD polls,” the North MCD Mayor added.

The BJP Councillor said he will put forth his achievements before the public, adding that, “My party has worked hard on making Delhi a garbage-free city, ensuring cleanliness, providing education and health.”

“In order to make Delhi rid of garbage, the North MCD has installed 70 compactor machines across all areas coming under its ambit and nearly 300 waste dumping sites have been closed down.”

“Apart from this, when all other parties refused to move out of their home comfort during Covid-19, it was only the BJP Councillors who helped people in distress while putting their own lives at risk,” he said.

When asked about merging the three civic bodies of Delhi, the North MCD Mayor said, “This issue is out of my jurisdiction but if all three municipal bodies are merged together, it will definitely benefit the general public.”

“There is a paucity of funds in the North MCD so the people are suffering due to financial irregularities committed by the Congress while they were in power.Therefore, I want the three civic bodies to be merged,” Iqbal Singh said.

In view of the civic body polls, the North MCD has taken a big decision of completely waiving off the property tax of all types of residential properties of 50 square metre area falling under the civic body.

However, the opposition parties like the Congress and the AAP have questioned why the move is being delayed.

Responding to this, the Mayor said, “There is no delay, the BJP have passed a resolution waiving property tax of residential area of 50 square metres, on the floor of the house.Now it just needs to be implemented, the issue will be cleared in a week’s time.”

“This law will be applicable to all households of 50 square metre area falling under the North MCD, whether the property is authorized or not,” he added.

According to the North MCD Mayor, posters have been put up to create awareness among the people so that a person must be assured that the civic body has waived off their tax, he explained.

The waiving of property tax will hugely benefit the middle class, lower middle class and poor people, the Mayor said.

On the other hand, mosquito-borne viral diseases continue to wreak havoc in Delhi.According to the latest report, a total of 211 dengue cases have been reported in the national Capital.

The North MCD Mayor said the civic body will run a special campaign for the prevention of dengue, malaria and chikungunya in the city.Under the drive, fogging will be done regularly, apart from spraying of mosquito killing pesticides and spreading awareness among the people


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