Those Who Looted The Poor Will Not Be Spared, Will Have To Spend Days In Jail: Modi In Rajasthan

Those who looted the poor will not be spared, will have to spend days in jail: Modi in Rajasthan

Jaipur, Nov 20 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, continuing his election tour in Rajasthan, addressed two gatherings in Jadan and Pilibanga towns in Pali district on Monday and guaranteed that those who looted the poor would not be spared and would have to spend life in jail.

 Those Who Looted The Poor Will Not Be Spared, Will Have To Spend Days In Jail:

The Prime Minister also lambasted Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for claiming that complaints filed by women in matters related to atrocities against them were fake.

In fact, Modi said, “I give a guarantee that the one who has robbed the poor will not be spared.Even in Rajasthan, people who rob the poor will spend their days in jail.

In 2014, the money of honest tax payers was looted in scams.The entire story of what happened in Rajasthan in the last five years is written in the Lal Diary.

The diary is red, the exploits are black.These days, when the lockers are being opened, piles of currency notes are coming out.This is exposing the sins of the Congress.”

The Congress has been speaking of its seven-guarantee programme in all its rallies and this statement of Modi is being looked upon as a reply to the Congress’ ‘7-guarantee plan’.

Further, speaking on the CM’s statements that complaints filed by women on atrocities against them were fake, the PM said, “This is an insult to women.The Congress has made Rajasthan number one in crimes against women.

Here, the CM says that the sisters and daughters of Rajasthan have lodged fake complaints in the police station.No mother or sister can do this in our country.She never thinks of lying, there must be some truth in it.”

“Ever since the Women’s Reservation Bill was passed, the arrogant alliance has started a campaign against women.The Chief Minister of Bihar used derogatory words in the Assembly and the anti-women Congress can never do welfare for women,” he said.

“The Chief Minister gives a certificate that women file false complaints.

The Congress gave tickets to the minister who insulted women,” he added.

He further accused the Congress of promoting drug smuggling.

“We will take such action against smugglers that people will be shocked to see them,” he added.

Modi said that the BJP government at the Centre has also reduced the mobile bills of the people.

“If data had been priced at the same rate as that before 2014, you would have had to spend at least Rs 5,000 more on a mobile than the amount you are spending today.There are at least four mobile phones in each family, Modi has saved this expense,” he said.

He added that he did not sleep during the Corona period.“Everyone saw what happened during the Corona period.Death was looming, but I did not sleep.I had decided that I would not let poor sleep hungry.

I will not let tears come to my mother’s eyes.We did not keep the tax paid by the countrymen but instead gave it to the poor,” he said.

Modi said, “There is nothing bigger than corruption for Congress in Rajasthan.In Rajasthan, the Congress Government runs a cut company by selling expensive petrol.

I guarantee that if the BJP government is formed after December 3, the rates of petrol and diesel will be reviewed.Decisions will be taken in the interest of poor and middle class people.

“The Congress also looted during the work of providing tap water to every house in Rajasthan.Water did not reach half the population,” he added.



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