This is the Reason why Dhoni stepped down as captain     2017-01-04   21:58:24  IST  Raghu V

It was a shocker last night, all of sudden, Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepped down as Indian limited overs Captain. For millions of cricket lovers and MSD fans, this decision came from nowhere. Who expected this to happen ahead of Champions Trophy ! Literally, none.

But what made Dhoni quit from captaincy? Is he trying to lighter his shoulders? Tired of burdens with Captaincy? Any politics involved in this decision? No, nothing like that. He played a selfless move for the future benefits of team India.

Virat Kohli proved that he has got mettle as captain with leading the team successfully in Test matches. So, Dhoni wanted Kohli to build his team for the Champions Trophy and also for the ODI World Cup in 2019. He wanted Kohli to get habituated leading the men in blue color. That’s the only possible reason why Dhoni stepped down from captaincy. However, he will still continue as player and will also be available for selection right from the upcoming ODI and T20 series with England.

Dhoni, the most successful Indian Captain in limited overs game, is the only captain in the world to hold ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup and also ICC Champions Trophy. The captain cool has led team India in 199 ODI’s and 72 T20’s.