This Is The Favorite Beer Brand For Indian Girls  

This Is The Favorite Beer Brand For Indian Girls -

Who doesn’t want to have a gallon of beer when the weather or mood demands.In fact, it’s more than mental status which forces us to have a sip of this 3rd most consumed drink in the world.Need not get surprised, beer is more consumed than coffee.It’s next to water and tea apparently.Leaving stats behind, we stay loyal to one or two beer brands mostly.A beer brand becomes our obvious choice.Budweiser is said to be the most sold and most consumed beer all over the world.It’s almost the same in India.But what about Indian girls in specific? Which brand they consume the most? Is it the old Kingfisher, the economical tuborg or the chilled Carlsberg? Which one would they prefer? A YouTube channel has gone asking the same question to random girls and the winner was Tuborg.Read that they have said.

“I love Tuborg and has a preference for Carlsberg too.Tuborg is economical and also gives the required enough mood.It tastes good than most of the beer brands available in India”

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“I am loyal to Corona.I use only one toothpaste, one hair shampoo and one beer brand.

This loyal customer is also loyal to Corona.Although I tried other brands, stick with my thing”.

“It’s just that I got habituated with Tuborg through my friends.I find it comfortable.

Nothing with the taste, I just stick to the most of the times.Budweiser is another favorite”.

“Tuborg and Carlsberg are my two favourites and in the order.Tuborg suits for my lighter requirement and doesn’t taste bad.Carlsberg serves the same”.

“Carlsberg, Budweiser and Corona in that order.Tuborg would be the next if we only talk about beer.I am not much a beer bee anyway.”


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