This is how you should drink beer for better experience     2017-11-20   22:34:22  IST  Raghu V

Beer is often termed as the universal beverage. No wrong since it is the third most consumed drink in the world third to water and tea (not milk tea alone). Beer even managed to beat coffee, following few to several surveys. Who doesn’t enjoy having a sip of beer in the evenings. Sunset, beach and a beer is a deadly combination. It’s alcoholic, but not really as toxic as other forms of alcohol are. That’s the reason it is most consumed form of alcohol. But do you know that most of us are drinking beer in a wrong way all the time? Probably, we are not having the typical experience of drinking a beer. According to reports, here is how you should drink a beer for better experience.

* The first rule is highly known and popular. Always drink a chilled beer. If it isn’t chilled, you may not enjoy the taste of beer as it’s not filled added sugars.

* People generally are habituated of chugging the beer. Instead, it has to be taken slowly. Enjoy the pleasantness in drinking a beer. Let it go slowly and smoothly.

* It is said that beer tastes better when you chew. Don’t think we are on weed. Yes, we are asking to chew something which is in liquid form. Have a try. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

* Beer definitely tastes better with foam. It doesn’t mean beer tastes bad when the foam goes down but you have a better experience with foam seen in the bottle or glass.

* People often take beer without food. But researchers say that beer and food is the right combination. Beer – Food – Beer would be excellent.

* Prefer light foods while gulping your beer. Don’t be hard or too spicy.