This Is How Much Nitin Values Pawan Kalyan And Trivikram!  

The pre-release function of Nitin’s upcoming film ‘Bheeshma’ concluded last evening in Hyderabad.The movie’s unit is very confident about the movie, and Trivikram who already watched the film gave thumbs up to the unit.

This Is How Much Nitin Values Pawan Kalyan And Trivikram! - Telugu Hero Nitin Engagement, Hero Nitin Marraige, Hero Nitin Shalini Marriage, Hero Nitin Wife Name-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

The event also showed the emotional side of hero Nitin.Talking at the event, the actor went on to mention the most prominent people in his life.

‘So far there have been five most important people in my life, and a sixth will be joining the list now.

My father, mother, sister, Pawan Kalyan garu, and director Trivikram garu are the five special people in my life.

Now, my would-be wife will be the sixth one’, Nitin said.Many were shocked on hearing this after seeing the importance and prominence Pawan Kalyan has in his life.

The actor’s engagement became the headlines of all leading social media news portals recently.His marriage with Shalini, his would-be wife, will be a grand affair in Dubai.

A lavish reception is underway in Hyderabad for the film fraternity, once the Nitin & Shalini returns from Dubai.