T’gana HC Appointed Judicial Registrar To Monitor Raghurama’s Medical Tests

The Telangana High Court has appointed a Judicial Officer for monitoring the medical tests of Narasapuram MP Raghurama Krishnamaraju in the Secunderabad Army hospital.As per the directions of the Supreme Court, the High Court has appointed Judicial Registrar Nagarjuna to monitor the medical tests of Raghurama.

 T’gana Hc Appointed Judicial Registrar To Monitor Raghurama’s Medical Tests-TeluguStop.com

The Judicial Officer reached the Secunderabad Army Hospital.A team of three Army doctors is conducting medical tests on Raghuram Krishnaraja at the Secunderabad Army Hospital.

On the other hand, the authorities are videotaping the entire medical tests.The medical test reports will be submitted to the Supreme Court in a sealed cover.

 T’gana HC Appointed Judicial Registrar To Monitor Raghurama’s Medical Tests-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

Recently, the Supreme Court refused to grant bail to MP Raghurama Krishnamaraju, who was arrested for defaming the state government.Also, the Supreme court has rejected Raghurama’s request to conduct medical tests at Ramesh Hospitals.

It ordered that Raghurama Krishnamaraju be shifted to the Army Hospital in Secunderabad.It ordered that under the supervision of a judicial officer appointed by the Telangana High Court, the medical tests be conducted.

The entire process will be videotaped and a report will be sent to the Supreme court in a sealed cover by the Registrar General of the Telangana High Court.The Supreme court has directed the state government to file counterclaims by the 19th of this month.

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