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While technology is pursuing our everyday life, fitness devices are the one to praise nowadays.They all are built to make you concentrate on your goal towards a healthier life while being your companion till the end.

10 Must Have Fitness Gadgets

Well, who wouldn’t like someone to help you virtually exercises without having to deal with losing so much time by going on the internet searching for all those tips?
Over the past few years, the technology around fitness gadgets has improved by bringing us innovative products to the market and a plenty of them to choose based on our preferences.Take a look at these incredible 10 Must-have fitness gadgets to help you stay fit and healthy

#1.Fitbit Blaze:

The ultimate wristwatch to keep you on the healthy route.It comes with different features that you may love, like choosing your wristband and touchscreen color based on your taste.This cool fitness gadget measures every step you take while differentiating between walking or exercising and also measuring your heart rate and everything you need to know shows on the screen.The only thing that might be a little bit of the problem is that it requires GPS to take track of where you are so you’ll need to have your phone with you during this time.

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#2.Gyenno Cup:

The ultimate cup of water that you will hold so close to you.Based on the goal you set, it vibrates to alert you on how much water you need to drink to complete the target.It is a great reminder to drink water every day especially for those people that usually forget that water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

It also comes with a screen that provides you with information of the time, date, how much water you still need to drink and the temperature of the liquid you put in here.

#3.Lumo Run shorts and leggings:

Definitely the best-run shorts and leggings around.They have a sensor tracker that shows you tips and actually coaches you through an app installed on your smartphone by telling you how much you have improved and what else do you need to do to get in the best shape.While you’re running or exercising, this fitness gadget is collecting information to tip you later.They are machine washable and are designed for both men and women.

#4.TellSpec Food Scanner:

It is kind of hard to know what is in our food that we eat every day, and maintaining a healthy diet is hard without keeping track of what we are eating.The TellSpec Food Scanner says it all.You just have to wave it for a few seconds in your plate, and it will deliver all the needed information to your smartphone via its app you need to install.

It tells you the calories of that product, the sugar content, gluten and a lot of other information that you need to know towards a healthy lifestyle.Even though it is kind of pricey, it is worth having it, besides food is one of the most important factors in our lives.

#5.KuaiWear coaching headphones:

The only headphones you need while exercising.They are fitted with a sensor that provides you with all the information you need about your performance.They connect through Bluetooth with the special app installed on your smartphone, and they last up to 7 hours without charging.What is more interesting than having a virtual coach?


It is actually a sensor designed to be used while exercising, not for counting steps but for people that go to the gym to lift weights.Finally a fitness gadget for a particular reason, for those fanatics that love hitting the gym.It is worn on your leg or arm, and it gives audio feedback about your performances.

It will help you build muscle the right way.

#7.Sensoria Smart Sock:

While every gadget out there tends to inform us about how many steps we’ve taken, our how fast our heart is beating.But Sensoria Smart Sock tries to be smarter than that.The sensors implemented in the sock will inform you based on your performance to help you improve your running techniques later on.So it doesn’t only tell how many miles you ran but how well were you running.

#8.Misfit Ray:

While technology is improving itself on the fitness gadgets field, the design of these devices are also improving time to time.I guess no one would getting their hands full of tech wristbands, but the Misfit Ray has by far the best design while looking like you’re wearing jewelry and is not really gender based.This activity tracker also tracks activities like yoga, dancing, cycling.

The best feature is that the battery won’t need charging for like six months, yep six months.

#9.Finis Neptune:

Do you like swimming? Well, Finis Neptune is here to make it even more entertaining for you.This 4GB mp3 player sends safe waves to your brain turning into sounds.So instead of going all alone on your swimming trip, you can take your best buddy with you, music or you can also listen so some audio books.

#10.GoPro Hero4 Session:

The smallest GoPro camera that is designed especially for people that love sports.Be it cycling, skiing or anything you like.It has a 8 Megapixel camera and shoots HD videos; it is just perfect for outdoors.

Health technology is improving day by day, and if you want a healthier lifestyle owning some of these gadgets with help, you realize your goals.

Or you can wait to figure out what the technology is hiding from us and research what will soon hit the markets.

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