Telugu baby girl names starting with ‘R’ Baby Girl Names A-Z List With Meaning  

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  • Telugu Baby Girl Names – Popular and Unique Names for Baby Girls Starting with letter ‘R’

    Baby Girl Name Meaning
    Rachana; Rachna Arrangement; Construction; Creation
    Radha The beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity; Success
    Radhika Radha; Lover of Krishna; Successful
    Rag Piece of music
    Rageswari; Rageshwari Goddess of melody; Master of Melodic modes
    Ragini A melody
    Rajalaksmi; Rajalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess of the kingdom; Goddess of fortune
    Rajani Night
    Rajeshri Queen
    Rajinder Variant of ‘Rajendra’; King Indra
    Rajni Night
    Rajveer; Rajvir; Rajbeer; Rajbir Brave King
    Rajvi Ruling
    Rajvinder N/A
    Rajyasri; Rajyashri The Lamp of the Divine
    Rakhi Thread of protection between brother – sister; Bond of protection
    Raksha Protection
    Ramaa Goddess Lakshmi
    Raman N/A
    Ramanya N/A
    Rambha Gorgious; Beautiful; The queen of Apsaras in Hindu Mythology; Celestial Dancer
    Rameshwari N/A
    Ramila Lover
    Ramneet N/A
    Ramya Delightful; Beautiful
    Ranarambha N/A
    Rangoli A colourful design made near the entrance to a house to welcome guests
    Rani Queen
    Ranjita Amusing; Decorated; Adorned
    Rashi A star constellation; a collection of wealth
    Rashia N/A
    Rashmi A ray of light
    Rati Consort of cupid; Love; Joy
    Ratna N/A
    Ratnaprabha N/A
    Ratnavali N/A
    Ratni N/A
    Rattan Gem
    Ravali Eshwar; God
    Raveena; Ravina Sunny; Beauty of the Sun
    Reema Goddess Durga; White antelope
    Reesha Sanity
    Reha N/A
    Rekha Line; Limit
    Renu Atom; Grain of sand
    Renuka The mother of Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    Resham N/A
    Reshma N/A
    Revati; Revathi A star; Wife of Balarama; Prosperity
    Rhythma N/A
    Richa Hymn; The writing of the Vedas; Verses of Sanskrit
    Riddhi Good Fortune
    Rinzen The holder of intellect
    Rishita The best
    Rita Brave; Honest
    Rithvika N/A
    Ritika Movement; Of brass; Flowing Stream
    Ritu Season
    Riya Graceful; A singer; Flower
    Rohana Sandalwood
    Rohini A star; Sandalwood tree
    Roja Rose
    Roma Lakshmi
    Romila Heartfelt; Deeply or sincerely felt
    Ronak Delight
    Ronika N/A
    Roona; Runa N/A
    Roopa Blessed with beauty
    Roopali Beautiful
    Roopindar; Roopinder God of Beauty
    Roopkanwal N/A
    Rose A variety of flower
    Roshini Light; Brightness
    Roshni Light; Brightness
    Rubina N/A
    Ruby A red gemstone
    Ruchi Interest; Beauty; Lustre; Light
    Ruchika Shining; Beautiful; Desirous
    Ruhi Soulful
    Ruhin Spiritual
    Rukhmani; Rukmini Wife of Lord Krishna
    Ruma Light
    Rupal Made of Silver
    Rupasi Beautiful
    Rupinder Beautiful
    Rushi N/A