Telugu baby girl names starting with ‘N’ Baby Girl Names A-Z List With Meaning  

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  • Telugu Baby Girl Names – Popular and Unique Names for Baby Girls Starting with letter ‘N’

    Baby Girl Name Meaning
    Nagalata N/A
    Nagalataa N/A
    Nagalekha N/A
    Nagma Geet; Song; Melody
    Naina Eyes; Name of a goddess
    Nalini Lotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri
    Namita Humble; Devotee
    Namrita Modest; Humble
    Nancy Grace
    Nanda A daughter; Happiness
    Nandini Daughter; a holy cow; best of joy; Delightful
    Nandita Happy; Joyous
    Narendraprabha Queen of Pratapaditya-II in Kashmir
    Nargis A fragrant flower
    Narmada One who stimulate tender feelings in others; River Narmada; Mother of Vedas
    Natasha Child of christmas; Born on Christmas
    Navjot New Light
    Navleen New Engrossed
    Navneet One who is ever new
    Navreet N/A
    Neela Blue
    Neelam Sapphire
    Neena; Nina One who has beautiful eyes
    Neepa Name of a flower
    Neera Amrit; Pure water
    Neeta N/A
    Neetu; Nitu Variant of ‘Nita’
    Neha Rain; Love
    Nehal Rainy; Handsome
    Netra Eye
    Nidhi Fund; Wealth; Treasure
    Nigel N/A
    Niharika Milky Way; Nebula; The girl who is admired by looking itself
    Nikhila Complete
    Nikita Victorious; Unconquered; Earth; Ganges
    Nikki Small
    Niksha N/A
    Nilam Blue Sapphire; Variant of ‘Neelam’
    Nilambari Clothed in blue
    Nilima Blueness; Blue Sky
    Nima Sun
    Nimisha Twinkling of an eye; Momentary
    Niragi N/A
    Nirali Different
    Nirjara Young; Not becoming old
    Nirmala Pure; Clean; Virtuous
    Nirman The egoless; Humble
    Nirosha Pious
    Niru N/A
    Nirupama Without comparison; Unique
    Nisha Night
    Nishi Alert; Getting stronger
    Nishita Night; Alert
    Nita; Neeta Moral; well behaved
    Niti Principles; Morality; Ethics
    Nitnam One who ceaselessly remembers the Lord
    Nitya Constant; Goddess Parvati; Eternal
    Nivedita One dedicated to service; offered to God; surrendered
    Niyanta N/A
    Nobita N/A
    Nonikaa N/A
    Noor Light; The Divine Light
    Nupoor Anklet
    Nutan New