Telugu baby girl names starting with ‘L’ Baby Girl Names A-Z List With Meaning  

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  • Telugu Baby Girl Names – Popular and Unique Names for Baby Girls Starting with letter ‘L’

    Baby Girl Name Meaning
    Laboni Graceful
    Ladan A flower (Nasturtium, Indian cress)
    Laila Sweet heart; Nocturnal
    Lajita Modest
    Lakhbir As brave as a hundred thousand
    Laksha Aim; Ambition; White Rose
    Lakshmi; Laxmi Goddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu
    Laleh Tulip – a kind of flowering plant
    Lali Darling girl; Blushing
    Lalima Redness; Beauty
    Lalita Beautifull Lady; Elegant; a form of Durga
    Lamanya N/A
    Lamyaviti N/A
    Lara N/A
    Lata Creeper
    Laura Laurel leaves; symbol of honor; victory
    Lavanya Grace; Beauty
    Laveneet N/A
    Leela Devine Play; Amusement
    Leelawati Goddess Durga; Playful
    Leena Devoted; Tender
    Leila Nocturnal; Night Beauty
    Lekha Writing; Crescent Moon
    Lhamu A goddess
    Lila; Leela Playful; Divine Drama
    Lilac Mauve Flower
    Lili A flower (Lily)
    Lina Tender
    Linda Pretty
    Lipanshi N/A
    Lokshanah N/A
    Lolo N/A
    Lothitaa N/A
    Loveleen Beloved