Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘K’ Baby Boy Names A-Z List With Meaning  

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  • Telugu Baby Boy Names – Popular and Unique Names for Baby Boys Starting with letter ‘K’

  • Name Meaning
    Kabeer; Kabir Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India
    Kadir Ray of light; Shoot of grass; Green
    Kailash Adobe of Lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peak
    Kailash Nath Lotus-eyed Lord; Lord Shiva
    Kalhana N/A
    Kalicharan Feet of Goddess Kalicharan
    Kalindra N/A
    Kaliram N/A
    Kalphana N/A
    Kalyan Welfare; Fortunate
    Kama The golden one; Love
    Kamal Lotus; Perfection; Excellence; Completion
    Kamal Ahmad N/A
    Kamalesh; Kamlesh The preserver; Lord Vishnu
    Kamaljeet; Kamaljit Achiever of perfection; Variant of ‘Kamal’
    Kambiz N/A
    Kamran Fortunate; Successful
    Kanak; Kanaka Gold
    Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
    Kanhaiya Lal Lord Krishna
    Kannan; Kannen A Form of Krishna
    Kansbar Treasure Master
    Kanshin Open Heart/Mind
    Kanta Radiant
    Kantilal Variant of ‘Kanti’
    Kanwar N/A
    Karamat N/A
    Karan A warrior
    Karim; Kareem Generous
    Karni N/A
    Karthik; Kartik Name of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
    Karunanidhi Kind Hearted
    Kashi a famous Hindu holy city in India; Luminous; Pilgrimage spot
    Kashyap Name of a Vedic Sage; The priest of Parasurama and Ramachandra
    Kaveh Ancient Hero
    Kayan A star
    Keisho Promoter of Wisdom
    Keshwanand N/A
    Kesri N/A
    Keyvan World; Universe
    Khader N/A
    Khailashankar N/A
    Khalil; Khaleel Friend
    Khalilur N/A
    Khayaal Thought
    Khorshed Sun
    Khortdad Perfection
    Khushnaseeb Lucky
    Kian The kings
    Kiran A ray of light
    Kirat N/A
    Kirip N/A
    Kirpal Kind
    Kirti; Keerti Fame
    Kishanraj N/A
    Kishen N/A
    Kishore; Kishor N/A
    Kishori Young one
    Kiumars First king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty
    Kobutsu Ancient Buddha
    Koge Fragrant Flowerd
    Koju Universal Principle
    Kokan Ancient Reflection
    Koshi N/A
    Kripal N/A
    Krishan; Kishan; Kisan Lord Krishna
    Krishna Lord Krishna; Dark; Black
    Krishnadas; Krishnadasa N/A
    Krishnakant Variant of ‘Krishna’
    Krishnam Lord Krishna; Variant of ‘Krishna’
    Kshemaraja N/A
    Kshemendra N/A
    Kudrat N/A
    Kulbhushan Ornament of the family
    Kuldeep; Kuldip The Lamp of the family
    Kulwant N/A
    Kumar Prince; A boy or son
    Kunal Son of The emperor Ashok; Lotus; Of gold; Golden
    Kunchacko N/A
    Kundan Pure
    Kushal Clever; Perfect