Telugu Bigg Boss 5 Pinky Heart Touching Love Story | BB5 Telugu Priyanka Singh Real Life Story

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss, we have seen the housemates sharing the stories of their first love as a part of the task.On this note, Priyanka also shared her sad story.“I saw him in a function.He is very handsome and I used to call him Abbayi.

 Telugu Bigg Boss 5 Pinky Heart Touching Love Story | Bb5 Telugu Priyanka Singh Real Life

He used to support me a lot and we became very good friends.We were in a good relationship for 6 years but I didn’t propose to him.After my sister’s marriage, I felt that all my responsibilities are done and I change my gender.I proposed to him and he immediately accepted.

One day, I said that I completely became a girl now and asked if he will marry me.He said yes to that too.But, after that he kind of avoided me.He suddenly came and said that his mother wants him to marry another girl and they are currently looking for matches for him.I asked what about me.He shouted at me claiming if I am really a girl and will I ever have kids.I was heartbroken.I went to so many hospitals and spent lakhs on it,” said Priyanka.“I called him again after some time and begged him to meet me.He came to my house and said a hurtful word which I have been listening from so many years.He said it more than 200 times and I was heartbroken.However, I still love you and I will love you forever.

But don’t ever come to my life again,” added Priyanka.

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