Telangana : Kcr Refutes Allegations Of B Team Of Bjp

Telangana : KCR refutes allegations of B Team of BJP

Hitting back at the Congress and BJP and for calling the BRS a B-team of their respective opponents, BRS president and Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao stated that the BRS was not anyone’s B-team but the A-team of farmers, women, minorities, Dalits and the downtrodden.

 Telangana : Kcr Refutes Allegations Of B Team Of

Later, making a grand show of strength in Maharashtra, Chief Minister K.Chandrashekhar Rao took the darshan of Lord Vitthal at Pandharpur and Goddess Tulja Bhavani at Tuljapur on Tuesday.However, his visit came in for sharp criticism from the ruling as well as opposition parties in Maharashtra, who asked him to look after his own state.

The CM visited the holy towns in a convoy of over 300 SUVs.

Rao was accompanied by his Cabinet ministers, 103 MLAs, seven MPs and over 30 MLC.

Addressing a public meeting in Sarkoli in Maharashtra on Tuesday, Rao said the BRS was not confined to Telangana and Maharashtra, but was a national party working for the people of the country.

He said the BRS was the only party that came up with the slogan ‘Ab ki bar kisan sarkar,’ and asked why no other party had come up with the slogan in the last seven decades.

The CM lashed out at the parties in Maharashtra who were questioning the BRS foray into the state.“It’s just four months since we entered Maharashtra.Both the BJP and the Congress are calling us the B team of their respective opponents.We are a small party.Why do these parties feel so frustrated and jittery? This shows they fear the response the BRS is receiving from the people in Maharashtra in such a short span,” Rao said.

Rao reiterated that he was ready to drop Maharashtra from his plans, if the incumbent government declared that it would implement “Telangana model” of welfare schemes and development programmes.

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