Telangana: KCR Facing Problems With TRS MLAs?

There has always been speculation that Telangana Chief Minister KCR may go for early elections once again.Although KCR clarified this a few months ago once again the news is that he is pre-planning the elections.

 Telangana: Kcr Facing Problems With Trs Mlas?

On the other hand, the opposition Congress and BJP in Telangana are already planning on what they will face if KCR goes to the polls.The campaign is being carried out by the Congress and the BJP to strengthen the party as well as select candidates for the constituencies.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections in the near future.Opposition parties who felt that KCR had gone to the polls and won before they were ready for the polls, however, do not want to make such mistakes this time.

However, there are speculations in the political circles that even the KCR, who wants to go for early elections, may not have many implications in its own party.Will KCR give tickets again to MLAs who have joined TRS especially from other parties? If he made such a decision then everyone in the party would be interested in what kind of move, he would make.

However, the majority of those who have defected to the TRS in the past have been given the opportunity by the TRS to contest on behalf of their party.It remains to be seen whether this will happen again or whether KCR will think differently.

Telangana: KCR Facing Problems With TRS MLAs? - Telugu Cm Kcr, Telangana