Telangana Govt Likely To Issue 200 More Liquor Licences

The licenses of 2,216 liquor shops in the state of Telangana expire in October.The auction of liquor shops will take place after the expiry of the licenses of these liquor shops.

 Telangana Govt Likely To Issue 200 More Liquor

On the other hand, the Excise Department is preparing to implement the new liquor policy in Telangana by the end of September.

Also, it seems like the government is looking to increase the auction license fees.Currently, this license fee structure is in four slabs as Rs 45 lakh, Rs 50 lakh, Rs 80 lakh and Rs 1.20 crore.However, there is a proposal to increase these fees from 5 per cent to 8 per cent.If these fees are hiked, the Telangana state government can get additional revenue of Rs.1200 crore.

Also, it is heard that in addition to the existing 2,216 liquor shops in the state, the Telangana state government is expected to increase the number of liquor stores by another 200.The Telangana state government has never increased the number of liquor shops in the state since the emergence of the Telangana state.But now, it seems the Telangana govt gives permits to 200 new liquor shops.

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