Telangana Govt. Gives Shock To Hero Rajasekhar!  

Telangana Govt. Gives Shock To Hero Rajasekhar! - Telugu Chiranjeevi Rajasekhar Fight, Rajasekhar Fight Maa, Shock To Hero Rajasekhar

Not every time you can get away because you are a celebrity, or a film star.The latest to face that blunt truth is Hero Rajasekhar.

Telangana Govt. Gives Shock To Hero Rajasekhar!

It is known that Rajasekhar met with an accident recently as he was driving from the RGI Airport into the city.After the incident, the hero left the location in another car, and informed the police on the way.The police managed to recover some ‘opened’ liquor bottles at the scene, and stated that Rajasekhar was driving on an ‘expired license’.

According to the latest information, the RTO (Road Transport Officer) has rejected the renewal of Rajasekhar’s driving license.‘We are not against Hero Rajasekhar.Anyone who has 12 points against them in the past two years have been put on the ‘License Suspension List’.

The license of these individuals will remain suspended from 3 to 6 months.We have even put license of people who are caught in ‘Drunk and Drive’ cases under suspension’, said the officer.

Looks like Rajasekhar is having a pretty rough time both in MAA, and on the road!

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