Telangana Government Says No To Wall Posters

On every random public place, we see movie and political posters stricken to the walls.That sight would look eye pleasing for the the fanatics but they add awkward look to the roads and city.That’s the reason why Telangana government is going harsh on publicity with wall posters and flexis, at least in Hyderabad.

 Telangana Government Says No To Wall

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will not allow wall posters and flexis anymore.

All the posters and flexis are being removed in the city by the GHMC officials.From now, commercial hoardings, bus shelter hoardings and social networking sites are the only modes of publicity in Hyderabad.

That’s a welcome change.With aims to build Hyderabad as global city, these harsh decisions have to brought in.