Telangana Covid+ve Woman Infects Daughter-in-law With Forcible Hug

Telangana Covid+ve woman infects daughter-in-law with forcible hug

Hyderabad, June 3 : Angry over the social distancing being maintained by family members, a Covid-19 positive woman forcibly embraced her daughter-in-law to infect her.

 Telangana Covid+ve Woman Infects Daughter-in-law With Forcible

The incident occurred at Nelimigutta Thanda in Telangana’s Rajanna Siricilla district.

The woman reportedly felt humiliated when she was quarantined at home and her daughter-in-law and grandchildren started maintaining social distance.

The victim, who is in her 20s, told local health officials that her mother-in-law forcibly hugged her, saying she should also get infected.“Do you want to live happily when I die,” the woman used to repeatedly tell her daughter-in-law.

The victim complained that her mother-in-law repeatedly vented her anger by pulling grandchildren closer to her and kissing them.

She, along with her two children, has now taken refuge in the house of her sister at Thimmapur village.

The Yellareddypeta mandal development officer and health officer visited the house and handed over essential commodities.

The victim said her husband works as tractor driver in Odisha.Married four years ago, she along with two children was living with her in-laws.

Her relatives and locals demanded the officials to take action against her mother-in-law