TDP Leaders Protest Against Nara Lokesh #NaraLokesh #TDP

Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has been slammed by her own party.Nara Lokesh, who conducted an interview with the students in Anantapur on Wednesday .then came directly to SSBN College to consult the students.SC and ST JAC leaders tried to meet him while he was talking to the media at the main gate of the college.

 Tdp Leaders Protest Against Nara Lokesh #naralokesh

They demanded the abolition of the Two Men Committee set up on behalf of the TDP in Shinganamala constituency.Nara Lokesh went and sat in the convoy .lying across the convoy and protesting.Although MLA Payyavala Keshav tried to impress them .they did not listen.Two Men said the committees should be abolished.

Later, JAC president Sake Hari spoke to the media.They demanded the dissolution of the bipartisan committee set up on behalf of the party for insulting Dalits in Shinganamala constituency.

He said that the port in-charge was not a pliers and setting up a bicameral committee there would give the upper castes the upper hand.

Some leaders have accused Dalits and tribals of hindering their political development.

TDP SC cell leaders Bungi Ramagopal and Bandaru Ramanji were present on the occasion.

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