TDP Chief Chandrababu’s 30-hour Protest Begins At Mangalagiri TDP Office

Telugu Desam Party leader Chandrababu Naidu is going on stage a 36-hour protest today against the attacks on his party offices in various locations of Andhra Pradesh.The Chandrababu protest starts at 8 am today, and it will end by 8 pm tomorrow.

 Tdp Chief Chandrababu’s 30-hour Protest Begins At Mangalagiri Tdp

Chandrababu decided to stage this protest at the Mangalagiri TDP office.It is a known fact that on October 19, TDP offices in various locations of Andhra were attacked.

TDP activists alleged that the YCP activists intentionally attacked the TDP offices.They have attacked the offices and residence of TDP spokesperson Pattabhi and vandalized the infrastructure.

Against this backdrop, TDP Chief Chandrababu penned letters to the President, the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister regarding the imposition of Presidential rule in Andhra Pradesh.Chandrababu also demanded a CBI probe into the attacks on TDP offices.

Chandrababu, who has sought the appointment of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to complain about the incident.He is likely to travel to Delhi on Saturday to complain about the attacks.

Chandrababu mentioned in the letter to Amit Shah that the TDP leaders and party offices across the state, including the TDP headquarters, were attacked for questioning corruption and drug mafia anarchy in the state.

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