TDP Calls For AP Bandh Today, Police Arrested Several TDP Leaders

High tensions are prevailing in Andhra Pradesh.Recently, the YCP activists held a series of Attacks on TDP offices in various parts of the state, including the TDP office in Mangalagiri.

 Tdp Calls For Ap Bandh Today, Police Arrested Several Tdp

In protest of the YCP Attacks, TDP called for a state Bandh today.TDP activists and leaders say that Attacks on the party offices have never happened in the history of AP.The party leaders are outraged that this is undemocratic.TDP leaders held police responsible for the incident.

However, TDP MP Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu was outraged that the police did not respond to the Attack on the TDP office, which is near the DGP’s office.Police arrested Rammohan along with former MLA Gunda Lakshmi and TDP activists during a protest at the RTC complex in Srikakulam.

TDP activists and leaders are being stopped by the police.Police are trying to stop the protests at the RTC bus depots.Also, the police are arresting the leaders.On the other hand, the AP police house arrested major leaders of the party.

Leaders who come out in support of protest are being detained.

The police arrested the party leaders who are staging a protest at the Ongole Bustand.

Police deployed heavy security at TDP leaders’ residences.Police arrested TDP Anganwadi state president Achanta Sunitha in Jaggayyapeta in Krishna district.

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