TDP Buddha Venkanna Comments On Nara Lokesh Go Viral!  

Telugu film directors might disappoint their audience, but not Telugu state politicians when it comes to providing entertainment.Just the way star hero films, the Amaravati Farmers Agitation too is taking the centre place on the eve of Sankranthi.

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Former MLC TDP leader Buddha Venkanna has added more masala to the ongoing entertainment.

He challenged Mangalagiri YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna to resign, and contest again with Nara Lokesh as the opponent.

Things did not stop there.He further continued stating, if Nara Lokesh wins the by-election, the capital shouldn’t move from Amaravati.

While this is ought to please the TDP supporters, anyone who has some sense of responsibility and respect towards democracy wouldn’t be welcoming this.Twitter started blasting the TDP leader as soon as his comments were made live.

While other ridiculing CM Jagan’s decision of shifting capital, also ridiculed the ill motives of TDP leaders, trying to make Nara Lokesh Babu win the elections in one way or the other!

This is nothing but sheer abuse of democracy, and taking people for granted.