TDP behind Khaidi No.150 event cancellation?     2017-01-02   01:25:38  IST  Raghu V

Telugustop, yesterday reported that Khaidi No 150 pre release function will get postponed to January 7th from January 4th. This delay is happening because of the change in venue. Initially, the function was supposed to get organised in Indra Gandhi Municipal Stadium of Vijayawada.

But the permission was cancelled. Chiranjeevi Fans Association in Vijayawada made slogans against the government, projecting TDP party as rival and reason behind the cancellation. However, that might not be true.

The function in Vijayawada has been cancelled due to orders from high court. The orders say that anything out of sports should not be organised in that particular stadium. So, the question is, did government influence the court to issue such orders?

Now, Khaidi No 150 pre release function will be held in Guntur on January 7th. Venue for the event would be one from KL University and Hailand.