Tamil Actors Harish, Bhaskar Engage In Bitter Clash Of Egos In ‘parking’ Trailer

Tamil actors Harish, Bhaskar engage in bitter clash of egos in ‘Parking’ trailer

Chennai, Nov 17 : In one of the weirdest, yet most creative and oddly relatable stories, Tamil actors Harish Kalyan and M.S Bhaskar engage in a clash of egos, as a menial issue of car parking turns into an all out personal war, paving the way for blood and vengeance, in the trailer of the film ‘Parking’.

 Tamil Actors Harish, Bhaskar Engage In Bitter Clash Of Egos In ‘parking’ Tra-TeluguStop.com

Harish Kalyan portrays the role of a simple everyday office-man doing a 9 to 5 job.Renting out a floor in a house with his wife played by actress Indhuja Ravichandran, they are living a happy life together which suddenly crashes down due to one extremely minor issue.

An IT worker hailing from the city of Tiruchirappalli moves to Chennai.As he succeeds in his job, Harish buys an expensive black car of which he is very proud.

A colleague tells him that buying a car is not the real challenge, it is in fact maintaining it.

Initially paying little heed to it, the actor finds himself at crossroads with his grumpy, angry, and entitled landlord played by the veteran Tamil star over a car park issue.

As the landlord doesn’t want the ‘Pyaar Prema Kaadhal’ actor to park his car inside the house, he is forced to park it outside.This parking issue then goes out of hand as one day Harish decides to park his car inside the house, to which the landlord berates him.

Angry at this, Harish finally loses it and tells him that he’s paying money to live there, though still listening to him and threatening to break his car, the actor slaps his landlord.

This petty issue of parking turns into a full-scale personal war, as M.S.Bhaskar tells his family to harass his new tenant, as he decides to make his life more and more miserable everyday.

But not backing off, their car-parking fight turns personal as one day the landlord smashes his tenant’s car and his tenant does the same.As Indhuja asks him to let the whole thing go, he refuses and says he will fight them.

A clash of egos over one of the most menial issues, the seemingly simple drama turns into a full out action-crime-thriller.The score of Sam CS only further elevates the tension and the sheer gravity of the situation, driving home the reality of how the simplest of daily problems can lead to chaos.

Directed by Ramakumar Balakrishnan, ‘Parking’ stars Harish Kalyan, M.S Bhaskar, Indhuja Ravichandran, Rama, Prarthana, among others.The film will hit the theatres on December 1.



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