Are South Indians fairness obsessed ? Tamannah replies       2017-01-10   02:03:17  IST  Raghu V

Don’t know why the reporters at India Today Conclave felt that way, but Tamannah was hit by a strange question in the event. They asked Tamannah about South India’s obsession with fair skin tone. But Tamannah answered them wisely.

“I don’t think that there is any obsession with fairness down South. In fact, I had to tan myself for two films. One of them is Baahubali and it turned out to be a big grosser at the box office. Unfortunately, our country is obsessed about fair skin. But, I think that Indian colour is beautiful. More than anything, I encourage women to be the way they are. Accepting yourself is where the beauty begins.” Tamannah replied.

Can’t crack why did they ask such racist question ! There are many South Indian actors, in fact more than Bollywood, who have tanned skin. The biggest Superstar, Rajinikanth doesn’t have fair skin tone right?