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Startups Can Help Rural Economy Go Digital: Piyush Goyal #Startups #rural

New Delhi, Jan 13 : Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, on Wednesday called upon Startups to help micro-entrepreneurs in Rural areas leverage technology to grow their businesses...

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Google For Startups Announces Its Next Cohort With 20 Indian Startups #Google #Startups

New Delhi, Jan 11 : Tech giant Google on Tuesday announced the sixth batch of the Google for Startups Accelerator (GFSA) India — with 20 Startups — to help them...

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Startups Will Flourish If There Is A Fair Market And Open Internet: ADIF Chief

By Nishant Arora New Delhi, December 12, 2012 : As India’s startup/unicorn industry experiences a tremendous growth rate, it is essential that there be a level playing field for all...

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Indian Startups Come Of Age: 82 Unicorns And $39bn In Funding

By Nishant Arora New Delhi 12 December : As we commemorate the remarkable rise of Indian startup founders, particularly in the past two years, there were a few global macroeconomic...

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Google Will Help Indian Startups Emerge Stronger: Rajev Chandrasekhar

New Delhi, Nov 18, : , Inviting Google for further assistance in India’s $1 trillion digital Economy target by 2025, Rajev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister-of-State for IT, said that collaboration between...

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సాఫ్ట్‌వేర్ కంపెనీల‌కు రిజైన్ చేస్తున్న టెకీలు.. ఎందుకంటే..?

సాఫ్ట్‌వేర్ జాబ్ అంటే స‌గ‌టు విద్యార్థి క‌ల‌.దాన్ని సాధించేందుకు ఎంత‌లా క‌ష్ట‌ప‌డుతుంటారో అంద‌రికీ తెలిసిందే.త‌మ కొడుకు సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ ఇంజినీర్ అని చెప్పుకునేందుకు త‌ల్లి దండ్రులు ఎంతో మురిసిపోతుంటారు.అలాంటి జాబుల కోసం విద్యార్థులు చేసే ప్ర‌య‌త్నాలు అంతా ఇంతా కాదు.ఇందులో సెటిల్...

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