Symptoms of blood clot you should remember       2017-10-31   02:22:02  IST  Raghu V

Imagine you had a injury. What would happen next? You will have a year on your skin and the blood will flow out from the wound. How that blood flow stops? Isn’t it the blood clot which stops the blood flow and protect you from heavy blood loss? But does that mean blood clots are good? No, they are not. Blood clot inside the body can and will take your life as it has been taking away millions every year.

Blood clot inside your body stops the blood circulation. This leads to scarcity of oxygen and nutrients to your body. Which means, your body parts will slowly stop working. So, it’s important to identify the problem in the initial stage and treat yourself. Here are the symptoms of blood clot in various body parts :

* Brain – Sudden headache would become a daily routine affair. Along with headache, dizziness, problem in vision, weakness of the face, weakness in arms and legs and difficulty in speaking could be the signs of blot clot in the brain.

* Heart – Your chest will become heavy. Chest pain will become unbearable. You would sweat for no reason. Nausea, pain in upper body and lightheadedness are other symptoms.

* Arms and legs – Tenderness, warmth, swelling, severe pain and immobility.

* Stomach – Vomiting, diarrhea and of course, severe abdominal pain.

* Lungs – Blood in cough is a symptom of blood clotting at most number of times. You will feel it difficult to breath. Along with shortness of breath, chest pain, severe fever, racy heart beat or other symptoms.