Suspended Constable Kills A Journalist In Kurnool

A constable brutally murdered a Journalist was brutally murdered in Nandyal, Kurnool district.Constable Subbaiah assassinated Keshava, who works as a reporter for the YouTube channel V5, last night.

 Suspended Constable Kills A Journalist In

Keshava has been working as a Journalist for ten years.However, Constable Subbaiah and his brother killed Journalist Keshava.

Two weeks ago, Journalist Keshava exposed in the news channel that constable Subbaiah has a good relationship with a gutka trader.The Youtube News channel uploaded the details regarding this.

The news went viral on social media, and against this backdrop, District SP Sudhir Kumar Reddy Suspended Constable Subbaiah.With this, constable Subbaiah incensed and planned to take revenge.

Constable Subbaiah asked Keshav to meet him at the auto stand in the NGOs colony.

Keshava, accompanied by fellow reporter Pratap went to the NGO colony.

Constable Subbaiah and his younger brother Nani asked Pratap to stay outside, and they took Keshava into the room.After hearing Keshava’s scream, Pratap rushed into the room.

There, Pratap found Keshava in a pool of blood.He immediately rushed Keshava to Nandyala Government Hospital in an auto for treatment.

However, doctors confirmed that Keshava is already dead.Doctors said that the accused stabbed Keshava with a sharp weapon.