Surprising Benefits Of Jeera Water For Pregnant Women  

Pregnancy is a blessing.An experience of raising a human in your body.

Only women can experience this wonderful gift of nature.But no amazing thing can be experienced without struggle.

Surprising Benefits Of Jeera Water For Pregnant Women-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Women undergo mood swings, morning sickness, conspiration, bloating, insomnia, anemia and so on.Drinking jeera water would help to fight against most of these problems in pregnancy.Let’s see how that can be done

How to prepare jeera water :

* Take 3-4 teaspoons of jeera
* Take a litre of water.* Boil the jeera seeds in water for 5-6 minutes
* Strain the water and let the temperature come down.

Drink the same after sometime

Benefits of jeera water for pregnant :

* High blood pressure is a common affair in pregnancy.Stress levels are the culprit which stunts the growth of baby.

Jeera water can keep her blood pressure on track

* Uterus keeps growing in pregnancy.This act pushes the intestines and cause constipation.

Jeera water relieves the gas and flushes out the wastage out of her body

* Just like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes is also a common affair in pregnancy.Regular intake of jeera water will keep her blood sugar levels in control

* Jeera water keeps check on bloating and acidity.

It also improves metabolism rate and digestion

* Nothing could be more worse than anemia during pregnancy.Women should never fall short of blood.

Jeera water provides the required amount of iron and increase the haemoglobin levels.

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