Stunner: KCR wants to tax everything from AP  

KCR government has given another shock to the AP government .The KCE led government issued a circular by imposing Permit Tax for AP’s commercial vehicles. The Telangana government has issued this sudden permit tax announcement perplexing the AP government.

The decision turned shocker for many especially it will put more burden for Lorry owners that transport items between the two states. Tax will be imposed on all the goods that come from Seema Andhra. Telangana government is expecting 100 Crore income from these taxes.

Stunner: Kcr Wants To Tax Everything From Ap--Telugu Trending Latest News Updates Stunner: Kcr Wants To Tax Everything From Ap---

The CST will come in to effect very soon from all the eight check posts between Telangana and Seema Andhra. With these taxes, Real estate in Seema Andhra is bound to suffer indirectly while Telangana will have to pay heavy price for fuel. Private travel buses will also cost more for people now.

While it’s a known rule to pay permit tax for crossing state borders, since it is flouting the GO issued by President of India that exempts the permit tax between the two newly formed states until March 2015. But Telangana government overstepped and imposed tax before eight months. With this effect, several lorries have been stranded at the different check posts as owners are refusing to pay the Permit Tax which came to effect all of a sudden.

The Lorry owners have already announced to approach the Apex Court over this issue.! .

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