Students Impressed With Pawan Kalyan’s Lecture!  

Speaking at the Indian Students Parliament gathering, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan went on to express his distress on the current state of politics.‘I entered into Politics to serve the nation, and people.

Students Impressed With Pawan Kalyan’s Lecture! - Telugu Indian Student Parliament Kalyan At Latest Speech

That does not seem the case here.I am fed up with the power politics.When I stepped into politics, I was committed to give 20-25 years of my life.Until and unless we move towards progressive politics, things are not going to change’, he said.

Pawan Kalyan’s speech received applause, and students continued to clap even as he came down the dais.‘I will continue to fight, and my fight will continue for long.

We cannot change this situation overnight, and we need not be patient.We need to fight until the day we can see the change.I request every one of you to learn from the society around you, rather than internet’, he added.

With Pawan Kalyan’s speech trending on social networking sites, and YouTube, Janasena followers and supporters are celebrating.