Star Producer To Make Web Series On Gays And Lesbians In India  

Bollywood star producer Ekta Kapoor always backs herself in making bold films.She is someone who brought Silk Smitha’s life onto silver screen with Dirty Picture.

She is the same lady who made a lesbian kissing scene with Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS 2.There are several more examples to describe how bold and modern Ekta Kapoor is.

Star Producer To Make Web Series On Gays And Lesbians In India-Latest News-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

In this new digital trend of web series, Ekta wants to make her mark in the online world too.The star producer is coming up with couple of web series.

Guess what the core theme she has chosen for couple of web series ? One is about gay relationships​, love stories between man and man.It is titled as “Boygiri”.

The other web series is about lesbians, the girl on girl action, titled “Dev DD”.

This announcement has drawn serious attention from the digital audience, who are busy with Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

She wants to release these two bold web series in YouTube.There is nothing like censor issues if you go little bold with your YouTube videos.

So, the selective Ekta has selected YouTube as a platform for her new age adult web series.

తెలుగు వార్త విశేషాలు సులభముగా తెలుసుకోండి!!!!

ప్రతి రోజు ముఖ్యమైన వార్త విశేషాలు ,సినిమా,రాజకీయ విశ్లేషణలు,ఆరోగ్య సూత్రాలు,ఎన్నారై ,వీసా సమాచారం కోసం తెలుగుస్టాప్ డైలీకి Subscribe చేయండి,సోషల్ మీడియా లో ఫాలో అవ్వండి.మీ ఇమెయిల్/ఫోన్ నెంబర్(Country Code) తో నమోదు చేయండి.
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