Star Hero Puts Kerchief On Young Director  

The rule in film industry is very clear, those who are successful get the maximum attention and red carpet.In the case of directors, all it takes is one hit to make the industry folks flock around him.

Right now, it is heard that many kerchiefs are being thrown on one director who has just started his career as a filmmaker.He is none other than Chandoo mondeti who shot to fame with Karthikeya film.

Star Hero Puts Kerchief On Young Director-Latest News-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Chandoo received so much critical acclaim for his work in Karthikeya and as per reports Tollywood king Nagarjuna is planning to do a film with him.Now, news in Tollywood is that Nag called Chandoo Mondeti to Annapurna Studios and reportedly discussed about his plans with the director.

If all goes well Nag will produce a medium budget film with Chandoo and the hero of the film will be one among Akkineni young heroes.Meanwhile, Chandoo also got calls from Ashwini Dutt and Anand Prasad who recently produced Loukyam.

Nagarjuna openly stated that he is not interested in mass masala and heroism based subjects.Going by that we can expect another different film Sudheer Varma.

It is not sure if Chandoo is already focusing on his next project but sources say he is relishing the attention and admiration coming for his debut venture.

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