Star Comedian Taking Online Courses In Lockdown

Star Comedian Taking Online Courses In Lockdown

It is a known fact that Vennela Kishore is one of the topmost comedians in Tollywood right now and is almost seen in every big star’s film of late.Kishore who used to be pretty active on all the social platforms with his funny banters with celebrities and his fans, has now been completely inactive since the Corona lockdown was announced.

 Star Comedian Taking Online Courses In

Now the reason for this is that this star comedian has been taking an online course called “Inner Engineering” during this period it seems.When asked the star comedian about his absence from social media recently, he revealed this news and he also said that it is a course that deals with mental health, emotional balance and enhanced productivity.

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Apparently he is also said to be enjoying his free time with his family members and also re-watching many Telugu classics like ‘Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu’, ‘Alludu Gaaru’, ‘Rudraveena’ etc.Along with these, he is also binge-watching ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ on DD, ‘Home Before Dark’ on Apple TV, and ‘Ozark’ on Netflix.Stay tuned for more updates!

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