SONY Vaio Is NO More

SONY Vaio is NO more

Here is the end of SONY Vaio era and the Japanese company has decided to quit from PC business.Sony is to stop making personal computers after more than 30 years as it shifts focus to tablets and smartphones

 Sony Vaio Is No

Amid what it described as ‘drastic’ changes in the industry, the Japanese firm has decided to ditch the loss-making side of the business, after more than 30 years, as part of a shake-up which will see 5,000 people lose their jobs.

Sony also said it will be putting extra focus into is TV section to bring back profit by concentrating on sales of high-end models.

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It aims to conclude an agreement to sell Vaio to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) by the end of next month.

Sony launched its first 8-bit personal computer, the SMC-70, featuring BASIC computer language and 3.5-inch floppy drive, in 1982.More recently it has developed slimline “notebook” Vaio devices.

Sony has been challenged by stiff competition from Samsung and Apple, and has instead identified its divisions making cameras, Playstations and Xperia smartphones as three core businesses to drive its growth in electronics.

For years Sony has tried to remain relevant in the PC industry as consumers have moved to tablets.The company doesn’t have much to show for its efforts:

The company said: “Following a comprehensive analysis of factors, including the drastic changes in the global PC industry … the company has determined that concentrating its mobile product line-up on smartphones and tablets and transferring its PC business to a new company established by JIP is the optimal solution.

As a part of the business transfer, Sony will stop planning, design and development of PC products and production and sales will also be discontinued after the Spring 2014 lineup to be launched globally, the statement added.

However, VAIO customers will continue to receive customer services and about 250-300 Sony Corporation and Sony EMCS Corporation employees involved in PC operations are expected to be hired by the new company established by JIP, it said.