Song \'baarish Ke Aane Se\' Blends Bollywood Style Romance With Dark Tragedy

Song ‘Baarish Ke Aane Se’ blends Bollywood style romance with dark tragedy

Mumbai, Nov 8 : Singers Shreya Ghoshal and Tony Kakkar have released their new song ‘Baarish Ke Aane Se’, and it sure is one catchy romantic piece which combines radiance with tragedy, as it pairs up with fairy tale style of Bollywood with the bitter reality of doomed love.

 Song 'baarish Ke Aane Se' Blends Bollywood Style Romance With Dark

The two singers really shine, managing to create a very romantic mood which boasts of a thundering love for the ages, but rain and love don’t always mingle.

That is the case with ‘Baarish Ke Aane Se’ as what is a very powerful and true love also has a dark tragedy.

The duo of these two is extremely good, particularly as Shreya Ghoshal’s voice has been laced with some electronic samples while Tony Kakkar’s voice has not.

This creates a contrasting effect between their already significantly different styles which in turn complement each other very well.Factoring into the vocals is the musical composition of Tony Kakkar who has kept things very simple, but also rooted enough so that the instrumentation complements the vocals.

As there is a positive radiance emitting from the song, the voice of these two is pleasant, elegant, soothing, and very much catchy, particularly at the chorus.Carrying a very typical Bollywood flavour, there is enough masala here to appeal to every listener.

The tragic part comes in later as the song turns darker from its initial exuberance, showing that not every love has the happiest of ending.Apart from being tonally indicated by the audio, the music video also leaves little room for doubt.

As actors Manisha Rani and Parth Samthaan essay the role of two lovers who run away, their love was not exactly going to be very happy.As they run away and are enjoying their run in each other’s company, they get attacked with Parth being the clear target.

Almost dead from the beating, while raining Parth is able to save Manisha from getting killed by killing her attacker first.Wounded, the two are traumatised but nonetheless embrace each other amidst the pouring rain, and still have the resolve to run.



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