Small Greed, Big Loss! Netizens Falling Prey To Web Of \'fake Clothing Websites\'

Big loss, small gain! Internet users are falling victim to the web of fake websites selling fake clothes

By Chetan Sharma New Delhi, Aug 19 : In this day and age of a plethora of authentic/branded outlets are accessible both physically and digitally to purchase products, consumers are still being enticed by the internet of fake clothing Websites and losing hard-earned cash.

 Small Greed, Big Loss! Netizens Falling Prey To Web Of 'fake Clothing Websites'

Every day, more people utilize the Internet digital fraud has turned into a risky trend.

Every now and then, police across the nation alert and inform the public about these scams on the internet.However, every time, criminals are able to lure people with new methods.

The most recent is fake online stores for clothes which trick clients in the name of offering cheaper products.

Notably the Mumbai Police had last year warned the public about these sites, and even identified some.

However, the hackers acted wise and replaced the old with new domains!

So what’s their mode of operation?

Internet users are robbed by Websites that pop up on social networks.On these selling platforms customers are shown clothing that is branded at a very low cost compared to the market price.

Being able to choose of buying designer clothes at a bargain price people are enticed.They start shopping on these Websites without a thought of fraud.

The transactions are made using credit or debit cards.When the transaction is made, a message is sent to the phone of the buyer that says that the goods will be delivered to your home in two to three days’.

This gives the buyer confidence that the site is authentic.

But, the delivery does not arrive.

After waiting for 3-4 days, customers click the website that was mentioned in the message, and confront the truth.The website isn’t accessible and this is when customers realize they’ve been duped.

How can I get my the money?

It’s next to impossible, or not one can do it, says an Delhi Police official on the condition of anonymity.

In an interview with IANS the officer told IANS that customers should only purchase from authentic, reputable websites.

“And in addition If there’s no cash on delivery option available, it is better to stay clear of these scams.These scams are constantly changing their address and website names making it difficult for police to track them.We have arrested a few as well.Some people do not bother to file reports (FIR).

However, I would suggest they make complaints so that the police are aware and notify the public,” the officer pointed out.

“Sasta lalach adami ko fasa deta hai.The police had detained an IT expert in this case earlier.Through fake Websites selling household goods the accused swindled more than 22,000 customers for more than Rs 70-80 lakhs,” he added.

Police regularly warn internet users about fraudulent shopping Websites and advise users to be aware however, cheaters are smart keep one step ahead, and steal their hard-earned cash from people.

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