Skin Show Here, Acting There @ Taapsee Pannu  

Taapsee Pannu is one of the finest actors who is both beautiful, and talented.Her image in the Telugu film industry is more or less limited to her skin show.

Skin Show Here, Acting There @ Taapsee Pannu

Apart from Krishna Vamsi’s ‘Mogudu’ film, there isn’t any other Telugu film in which her acting skills came out.But in Bollywood, the actress is holding a special place.

The Bollywood industry is full of hot and sexy damsels.Being glamorous won’t etch your name if you cannot make the audience sit and watch your acting.

That is what Taapsee Pannu has done in recent times.She is surely going to rock with her upcoming film ‘Thappad’.

The film’s trailer not only showed the actor in her but the maturity she has brought to her character in the film, tells the rest of the story.

Bollywood films might well be a remake or a ‘single-plot’ movie, but there are films that make us think.

‘Thappad’ is one such film, and Taapsee has stolen the show right from the first frame.The movie deals with a married woman who applies for divorce after her husband slaps her in a party.