RCB ని వదిలేయనున్న కొహ్లీ .. కొత్త IPL టీమ్ లో చేరిక     2017-12-29   01:04:04  IST  Raghu V

IPL has started 10 years ago, had 10 editions and Virat Kohli played all of them for one team, Royal Challengers Bangalore aka RCB. Kohli is an integral part of the Bangalore franchise. He is the reason why RCB is a big brand puller and crowd puller despite being not touching the trophy even once in 10 years. As you know, the Bangalore franchise reached the finals twice and lost to Hyderabad both the times.

Moving on, this is a suspense thriller time for all IPL fans. The IPL governing body has recently announced the player retention policy declaring that teams can retain a maximum number of 3 players by Retention policy and 2-3 by Right to match card. On a whole, including retention and RTM, a Maximum number of 5 players are allowed. If in case a team retains 3 players, the No.1 player has to be paid with 15cr minimum. If a team retains 2 or only one player, the No.1 player will receive 12.5 cr at minimum. But there is a twist here.

The No 1 player, if not satisfied with 12.5 cr or 15cr, can argue with franchise over his salary. He can demand more than that and if the discussion fails, he can enter open auction.

Now it is heard Kohli is demanding 20cr from RCB owners. If Kohli is paid with 20cr and RCB has to retain 3 players, 38cr will be deducted from their budget of 80cr. In that case, they will only be left with 42cr to pool 22 players more. How hard that would be?

That’s why RCB is still unclear over Kohli’s retention. Other side, Sunrisers Hyderabad is expected to retain David Warner for 15cr, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar for 11cr and Shikahar Dhawan for 7cr. They might get Rashid Khan and Yuvraj Singh back in the side with right to match card. CSK has already declared that they will retain Dhoni and Suresh Raina. Mumbai Indians are certain to retain Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya and Jaspreet Bumrah. All the teams have to submit their retained players list on January 4th.