Service To Humanity True Service To God: Madhya Pradesh Guv

Service to humanity true service to God: Madhya Pradesh Guv

Bhopal, March 2 : Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel on Friday said that service to the suffering humanity ‘is true service to God’, asserting that such values should be instilled in the youth, and they should be provided opportunities to contribute towards social concerns.

 Service To Humanity True Service To God: Madhya Pradesh

Patel said this while addressing the annual general meeting of the state branch of the Red Cross at Raj Bhavan on Friday.

He said that the Red Cross plays a significant role in providing health services to the poor, deprived and the needy in the society.

He appealed to people from the well-to-do class to extend their support in the supply of modern treatment resources in the Red Cross hospitals.

He said: “Sensitisation among doctors and medical staff is very important to eradicate sickle cell anemia.To eradicate sickle cell anemia by the year 2047, the identification, treatment and counseling in tribal-dominated districts should be sped up.” Lauding the Red Cross for its contribution to health services, the Governor opined that now it should take special steps to provide medical services to the poor.

During the programme, the Governor also presented awards to the Red Cross for its services in different districts in Madhya Pradesh.



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