Seoul Monitors Possibility Of A New N.Korea Event Marking 2017 ICBM Launch

Seoul, Nov 25, : , South Korea closely Monitors the Possibility that North Korea will hold an event to celebrate its 2017 Launch of an intercontinental missile (Icbm), a ministry official said Thursday.
North Korea began marking November 29th as an anniversary of its “rocket” development this year.

 Seoul Monitors Possibility Of A New N.korea Event Marking 2017 Icbm

According to Yonhap news agency, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared that the country’s nuclear force is complete after firing the Hwasong-15 Icbm on November 29, 2017.

The official said that they were monitoring the signs of celebratory events and related media reports, as North Korean calendars began marking the anniversary for the first year this year.

Official media outlets in the North have not yet reported on the new anniversary.

“We will continue to monitor as there hasn’t been any official explanation about the anniversary,” the official said.

North Korea continues to work on its nuclear and missile programs, as shown in its tests of new weapons earlier this year, such as a submarine-Launched missile (SLBM), test in October.

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