Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Review!  

After all the hype, and expectations, Mahesh Babu starrer Sarileru Neekevvaru movie, directed by Anil Ravipudi hit the theatres today.A lot of hype and craze was built around the movie; be it with the train episode or the ‘Never before Never After’ promotions.Let us take a look at how the movie has fared at the box office.

Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Review!-

Plot:Mahesh Babu will be seen as an Indian Army Major in the film to start with.He later comes to Kurnool for various reasons.And en-route to Kurnool, he meets heroine Rashmika and her family.

Later in the film, he gets into loggerheads with Prakash Raj, not before meeting Lady Amitabh Bachchan Vijayashanti, who is making a comeback with this film.

How is the heroine’s family related to Vijayashanti? Why did Mahesh Babu get into loggerheads with Prakash Raj? Why did he even come to Kurnool in the first place? To find out answers, watch the movie on the big screen.

Movie Taking:

Since the pre-release event, the movie’s PR team has been promoting the ‘Train Episode’ in bringing hype to the entire film.As promised, the first half of the film is all about comedy and entertainment.Right from the ‘Train Episode’ to Buruju Konda Reddy scene, the director managed to maintain the tempo.He succeeds to a good extent.One is ought to recollect Mahesh Babu’s comedy timing from Khaleja movie.He truly impresses us with his new body language, whilst still holding on to the comedy.‘Daang… Daang’ single featuring Tamannaah is a treat to watch.

Pre interval and interval blocks are many delights to the masses and fans.Few dialogues that elevate heroism have come out brilliantly.

The second half stars on an appealing note, with the Forest Fight needing a special appreciation.

Post that fight, and a few scenes later the film loses its steam.One might find ‘too many subplots’ used as mere fillers to extend the film’s run.

With ‘Mind Block’ coming as a saviour, and Mahesh’s mass look in the number breathes fresh life into the audience.

Scenes involving Mahesh Babu – Vijayashanti – Prakash Raj are a standout in the second half.With a simple climax and a special song, the movie ends.


As usual, Mahesh Babu proved himself why he is a superstar.

With handsome looks and screen presence, he is sure to steal the hearts of many.His mass avatar, comedy timing, and body language receive a special mention.

He also made his acting count a lot more than ever.Another great improvement one can notice is his mass outlook, and steps in ‘Mind Block’ song.

This is a film that puts him in the top list when it comes to ‘hard-core commercial films’.

Rashmika who fared decently well while acting with Vijay was out of her place in this movie.A heavy star cast around her might be one of the reasons.She seemed ‘average’ when it came to acting.

A lot more is expected of her.Lady Amitabh Bachchan Vijayashanti is back with a bang.

Standing true to her reputation she delivered the goods.Be it the screen presence, acting, and charisma, the yesteryear lady superstar still has everything in her.She suited the bill of professor Bharati perfectly.Just like usual, Prakash Raj meant all business.

He completely owns the character of Nagendra.It is one of those roles he can play even in his sleep.

Another actress who made a comeback with the film is Sangeetha.If there is anyone who is benefited from the film, it is got to be her.We can expect to see her more in the coming days in other films.Rest of the cast; Posani Murali Krishna, Vennela Kishore, and Rao Ramesh did a commendable job as usual.

Bandla Ganesh, who is back to the film industry has shone in his little role.


Director Anil Ravipudi can be appreciated for his bold attempt in making a ‘complete entertainer’ with a star hero like Mahesh Babu.Apart from that, there is nothing more appreciable about him.A wafer-thin storyline, clubbed with comedy and action episodes, with fillers in the second half conclude the film.

If the director focussed more on the screenplay and focussed on building the depth between Mahesh Babu and Vijayashanti characters, it would have fared well.Even the ‘Train Episode’ did not live up to the hype.

Simply said, ‘Train Episode’ will not be spoken about.

Cinematographer Rathnavelu brings life into the film with his lens.

The Army shots and the capturing of the fort are worth mentioning.Rockstar DSP’s BGM is the second hero of the movie.

His scene elevation takes the mood of the audience to another level.The successful album is positive for the movie.

Sarileru Neekevvaru movie Review final word: Watch it for Mahesh Babu and Vijayashanti!

Rating: 2.75 / 5

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