Sania Mirza posts about Divorce rumors     2014-12-19   23:21:38  IST  Raghu V

India’s tennis ace and starlet Sania Mirza finally came to answer the rumors on her troubled marriage. It is already known that rumors have started erupting as she is not frequently seen with her husband, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik these days. A news piece, hinting at possible split between the couple, published in some magazines.

The said magazine has published the news that the nuptials turned to be in a crux and leading for the splintering of the relationship, which has already completed more than four years.Now Sania decides to end the rumors and she posted a selfie with Shoaib, and captioned it with a heart and a kiss emoji.

The picture was apparently taken when they were in Dubai.Now that yells loudly all is well between Sania and Shoaib. Other side Shoaib Malik also responded on rumors and insists that he is having a happy married life with Sania Mirza and that there are no differences or problems between them.

Shoaib Malik divorced his wife Ayesha Siddiqui in 2010 to marry Sania Mirza. They loved each other to such extent that many times Sania Mirza expressed this in front of media. We hope the couple manages to be together.