Samantha Says ‘you’ve Healed Me On Many Levels’ To ‘mtv Hustle 03’ Contestant

Samantha says ‘you’ve healed me on many levels’ to ‘MTV Hustle 03’ contestant

Mumbai, Dec 10 : Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu was getting emotional after seeing a performance dedicated to her on ‘MTV Hustle 03’ and said that rapper GRAVITY has healed her on many levels.

 Samantha Says ‘you’ve Healed Me On Many Levels’ To ‘mtv Hustle 03’

Rapper Badshah welcomed Samantha, a dedicated follower of the show since the last season and said: “I can’t believe; I’m here actually!”

Kicking off the stage, Bassick and UDAY set a barfest with their exhilarating performance on ‘This is Ground Shunya’.Samantha was so impressed that she gave them a standing ovation and dropped her mic in appreciation.Ikka, equally floored, tears the lyric sheet and removes their nazar, symbolizing how amazing their performance was.

Badshah, in sheer astonishment, said: “It was the most amazing technically sound, sonically sound, personality-wise sound collaboration that we have ever seen on the stage of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT”.

Samantha chimes in stating, “This song is going to be on my favourite list immediately”

In a surprise move, GRAVITY made a special appearance on-stage and gives a powerful performance on his song ‘Jalaluddin’ leaving Samantha in tears.

She said: “This is what music is to someone, you can change so much about their lives with one song.You’ve healed me on many levels!”

Rap ID and Burrah brought a playful twist to the stage with their energetic rap on ‘Fikar Nahi Hai, Sannu Koi Fikar Nahi Hai…’

Their lively and carefree rendition added a burst of energy to the atmosphere and Samantha was seen dancing to the beats.

Badshah, who affectionately refers to them as ‘Jay and Veeru’and appreciates their flawless writing, said: “What a seamless collaboration, matlab pehle Burrah aa raha hai mahol bana raha hai aur piche se Rap ID chori karne aata hai.This is original!”

Samantha was seen speaking about her love for the show: “To the people shitting on this show, this is the only show that is actually promoting hip hop in the first place!”

‘MTV Hustle 03’ airs on MTV and Jio Cinema.



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