Samantha Bikini’s Treat On Aug 15th  

Lucky star Samantha, who stole hearts of south Indian youth with her magical beauty, is going to create a sensation soon.Having become a youth icon and wooing the masses with her beauty, the lady wants to now shed off – her clothes to set the screen on fire!

She is now willing to come i n a two-piece bikini avatar in her upcoming movie “Sikander.

Samantha Bikini’s Treat On Aug 15th--Telugu Trending Latest News Updates Samantha Bikini’s Treat On Aug 15th---

” The movie is scheduled to release on August 15th and this comes suddenly as a shocker for us.

Till now Sam is appeared in conservative roles and regarded as lucky charm of many directors and heroes.

She has been maintaining healthy limits in exposing.Due to the competition from Tamanna and Sruthi the conservative lady decides to become more bole now.

The actress is already looking hot and in an unseen massy avatar in the posters already and she now wants to use the bikini as hot weapon to rake in some sensation in her name.If fans are getting so week in their knees at her even if she is so conservative, how can they save their hearts from aches after watching this beautiful damsel in bikini? Samantha is the leading lady and Sexy Bomb Chitrangadha Singh will appear in a sizzling item number.If it is true then no one will stop Smanta from ruling the South industry for next few years.Folks get ready for Sammy Bikini treat on Aug’15 th.

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