Sakshi Deliberately Ignores Pawan Kalyan Again

Biased journalism is nothing but the blind form of journalism.Sakshi paper has been very much transparent on it’s towards Pawan Kalyan.

 Sakshi Deliberately Ignores Pawan Kalyan

The recent comments on YS Jagan made by Pawan Kalyan added another extra reason for the approach.

Pawan Kalyan was completely sidelined while Sakshi reported the news of NTR – Trivikram movie launch despite Pawan Kalyan was the Chief guest at the event.

 Sakshi Deliberately Ignores Pawan Kalyan Again-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Now, Pawan Kalyan was again ignored in 2017 boxoffice report brought up by Sakshi.

Nagachaitanya, Sharwanand and Nithin were included in the cover pic but not Pawan Kalyan.Why so much ignorance deliberately.It hasn’t done just because Pawan Kalyan didn’t taste any success in the year because his arch rival Mahesh Babu delivered a disaster like Spyder and he can be seen in the cover pic.

Isn’t this too much to bring cinema into political heat? Can we take this just a sample on how Sakshi is going to be on Pawan Kalyan’s political future and his election campaign?