Sacheen Littlefeather Says John Wayne Charged Towards Her To Assault At 1973 Oscars

Sacheen Littlefeather claims John Wayne charged towards her and slapped her during the 1973 Oscars

Los Angeles, Aug 19 : American actress and Native American civil rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather has been making the headlines since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued an apology in writing for the sexy treatment she received during the 1973 Oscars.
Littlefeather has shared another story about the character of True Grit’s actor John Wayne charging towards her to physically Assault her during the 1973 ceremony, according to “Variety”.

 Sacheen Littlefeather Says John Wayne Charged Towards Her To Assault At 1973

The year was 1994.Littlefeather who was then 26 years old at the time of the ceremony, took the stage in support of Marlon Brando who was named the best actor in “The Godfather,” and he declined the award on behalf of him.According to “Variety” Brando mentioned the problematic portrayal by Hollywood of “Native American Indians in the media and on television” as the reason behind refusing the Oscar.

To mark the occasion of the apology of the Academy and a special event scheduled in her memory in the Academy Museum in September Littlefeather conducted an in-depth interview to the Academy in which she described in detail what transpired on the night she rejected Brando’s Oscar.

Littlefeather came up to the Oscars stage and announced, “I’m Sacheen Littlefeather.I’m Marlon Brando’s official representative tonight here.Unfortunately, he cannot receive this Academy Award because of the image of Native American Indian people in television and film today.”

“That’s when the crowd began to boo and the other half began singing,” Littlefeather recalled.”And that’s when the crowd started to get into a frenzy in the crowd.”

Littlefeather claimed that as she was leaving the stage she saw John Wayne who was furious at her speech and walked up to her in the manner that she was afraid he might attack her.

“(John Wayne) was not happy with what I was saying on the podium,”” Littlefeather said, as reported by Variety.”So, he came forth in an rage to physically Assault me and then take me off stage.And he had to be restraining by six security men in order to ensure that this did not to occur.”

“It was very interesting as a few people gave me the tomahawk chop.I thought, “This is extremely racist.Very racist indeed.’ And I strolled away and ignored them.” Littlefeather continued.

“They put two guards with guns around me, and told me they would take me to the various press rooms.One was for radio press, television press, and international press.

I was allowed approximately 10 minutes in each press room and that was the length of time.Then I was taken out of the building.”


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