Russian Vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ Is Unethical: Russian Top Respiratory Doctor

Russian vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ is unethical: Russian top respiratory doctor

The doctor reportedly quit the Russian Health Ministry stating violation of medical ethics.

 Russian Vaccine ‘sputnik V’ Is Unethical: Russian Top Respiratory

A few days back Russia has developed a Vaccine and claimed it as the world’s first Vaccine for novel coronavirus.

Since then, the Vaccine makers faced severe criticism from the world health experts for not conducting Phase 3 trials.It seems the Doctors in Russia are also not able to accept the way the Vaccine has been approved.

 Russian Vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ Is Unethical: Russian Top Respiratory Doctor-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Recently Russia’s topmost Respiratory doctor Professor Alexander Chuchalin came out of Russia’s Health Ministry pointing ‘gross violation’ of medical ethics regarding the vaccine.

A few leading virologists in Russia also expressed their concern over ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine.

They even made a scaring statement that “the wrong Vaccine may result in the increase of the disease and Coronavirus is not an ordinary disease to play with experiments”.

It is reported that Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute and Russian Defence Ministry has developed the ‘Sputnik V’ Vaccine, and the government has given immediate approval for widespread usage without going through phase 3.The defence ministry and the government have not responded on the doctor’s comments yet.While the whole world is sceptical about ‘Sputnik V’, the inner war of Russian Doctors has certainly degraded the value of Russia on the globe.